Sunday, August 17, 2008

Question from Barbara - Exhibited items related to Anne Boleyn

I have three questions about finding images of or belonging to Ann Boleyn.

1 - I understand that here is a medal minted in 1534 that is a likeness of Queen Ann, and that it is in the British Museum in London. When I look on their web page there is no mention of it. Is this medal on permanent exhibition at the BM?

2 - Is the locket ring (1575) belonging to Elizableth I that has a miniature of her mother on permanent exhibition.? I know that the Chequers Trust loaned it to the National Maritime Museum in 2003, but have they placed it on permanent exhibit?

3 - Does anyone know if the Ecclesiaste belonging to Ann and passed to the Duke of Northcumberland on exhibit? I think it might be at Alnwick castle.


Anonymous said...

1 - The medal containing a likeness of Anne Boleyn was struck in 1534 in commemoration of her coronation as queen in that year. It is indeed in the permanent collection of the British Museum, but I do not think it is on permanent display, though it may be brought out for periodic displays.

2 - The special exhibition on Elizabeth at the National Maritime Museum (Greenwich) in 2003 was mounted specifically to commemorate the 400th anniversary of her death. It was a temporary exhibition, with artifacts loaned to it from a multitude of sources. The artifacts, including the locket ring, were all returned to their original locations when the exhibition ended in September 2003. The ring is now at Chequers, the private country retreat of the Prime Minister, and not currently available for public viewing.

3 - "L'Ecclesiaste," a commentary on the Old Testament Book of Ecclesiastes, was a manuscript (handwritten) volume in French produced for Anne Boleyn in 1534, and its cover bears her and Henry's initials. It is in the collection of the Duke of Northumberland, but it came to the dukes by purchase, not by direct inheritance ("passing") from Anne. The book is indeed at Alnwick Castle in the county of Northumberland. I do not know whether or not it can be viewed when taking the public tour of the castle.

Tamise said...

The ring is currently on display as part of the 'Portraits from Chequers: Kings, Queens and Revolutionaries' exhibition at Compton Verney, Warwickshire until 14 December.

Anonymous said...

Oops ... thank you for correcting me, Tamise. I forgot about the Chequers exhibition. Have you been to see it yet?

Tamise said...

Phd historian - No problem. No, I don't plan on going to see this exhibition but am going to the one at Montacute House (it includes the NPG miniature formerly labelled Lady Jane Grey) this week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to both of you for your help. Tamise, you mention a miniature from the NPG, and that it was formerly labeled as being Lady Jane Gray. Has it been identified as someone else? Who? Is it normally at the NPG?

Thanks for all of your help

Tamise said...

Anonymous - Sorry, I did not see your question. At one time the portrait at the NPG was thought to be Princess Elizabeth.

The portrait is not usually on display at the NPG.

It will be on display at Montacute House, Somerset until November 2nd and again from when the house re-opens next year until October 2009.