Monday, June 02, 2008

Question from Krissy - Looking for replica jewelry boxes

Where can I find replica jewelry boxes from the Tudor period? (namely a replica of a storage boxe of Anne Boleyn's)


Anonymous said...

Have any of Anne Boleyn's personal jewel boxes ever been identified? I have never heard of one, and I would be very surprised if a genuine one still existed. In fact, I am not aware of any boxes or chests surviving from the Tudor period that are reliably known to have been used specifically and exclusively for jewel storage. Perhaps some of our other contributors have heard of some? I do know of written descriptions of such boxes (see Question From Nicole - Jewelry Boxes), but I have no idea whether they have ever been reproduced. Sounds like a nice little business idea, though!

Lara said...

Hey, with the popularity of replica jewelry, there would be a potential market for replica jewelry boxes!