Saturday, May 31, 2008

Question from Nicole - Jewelry boxes

What did Tudor women keep their jewelry in? Did they have jewelry boxes like we do now?


Anonymous said...

I've done a bit of research over the years on the subject of jewelry in the Tudor period. I've seen a number of descriptions in various handwritten inventories from the period of different kinds of small boxes, usually made of wood and often covered with velvet or embroidered fabric.

Anonymous said...

You might also be interested in the jewel inventory posted on my own website. Item 131 of that inventory is a small chest fashioned to look like a wicker basket, and on top a handle made to look like a little silver ink pot with a silver pen sitting in gold "ink." Item 132 includes "a little Square box covered with purple velvet garnished with copper gilt having in it" ten rings each set with diamonds. See:

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I'll definitely check out your site!