Monday, March 24, 2008

Question from Sarah - Henry VIII's affair in 1534

I've seen some posts here on Henry VIII's mistresses. Does anyone konw any theories about who the 'very handsome young lady' he had an affair with in 1534 was? Apparently, Jane Boleyn was banished from court for scheming with Anne Boleyn to get rid of the mistresses. Apparently the lady was a supporter of Mary's and treated Anne Boleyn with disrespect. I've read about her in a couple of books about Anne Boleyn, but they've never specualted about which maid of honor she was. Any ideas?

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kb said...

Hi - I had this from the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography article on the Shelton family written by Joseph Block in my files -
'The lady in question was Mary Shelton (1510x15-1570/71)... who had become a maid of honour to her cousin Queen Anne. In February 1535 she was described by the imperial ambassador Chapuys as enjoying the king's favour. Her name was linked with the king's again early in 1538... She married successively Sir Arthur Heveningham and Philip Appleyard.'

Anonymous said...

kb is correct that Mary (or Margaret) Shelton was Henry's mistress in 1535, but she is not the woman you are referring to. The mistress of 1534 was described as 'very handsome' and was a lady-in-waiting of Anne's, but I have never heard any suggestion of who she was.

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, both David Ives and Joanna Denny argue pretty persuasively that the affair(s) mentioned in 1534/35 were actually rumours started by the Imperial ambassador Chapuys and others in the anti-Boleyn faction who wished to discredit Anne's influence with the king. ---kate