Friday, March 14, 2008

Question from Melissa - More on Anne Boleyn's jewelry

Where is Ann Boleyn's jewelry now? Is it part of the official Royal Jewels or is it on display somewhere...or is it just "gone".

I'd love to see relics, for lack of a better term, from Ann Boleyn somewhere.


Lara said...

Anne's "B" necklace in particular has been discussed a couple of times in the two following threads:

I think the most likely outcome for the majority of Anne's jewels was that they went to (or back to) the crown, since they would have been part of the collective "Queen's Jewels".

Anonymous said...

Most of the royal jewels that belonged to Anne were either re-cut for Jane Seymour or, like many of the pre-Cromwellian royal pieces, were broken-up and sold after the fall of the monarchy in 1649. Many ended up in the possession of the French royal family or nobility and any surviving pieces, they vanished or were destroyed during the Revolution. Some of Anne's more personal pieces ended up in the private collection of her daughter Elizabeth, but these too have subsequently vanished.

Gwyn said...

What a pity! It would have been wonderful to have seen some of her actual pieces, especially her B necklace.

Anonymous said...

I love her jewelry too and can't believe it's just gone!!! I have to say though some of the costume jewlery from productions such as BBC's The Tudors are magnificent! And if you're interested in buying tudor replicas then I suggest the sites sapphire & sage or illusion jewelry.