Thursday, March 20, 2008

Question from Megan - The accusations against Anne Boleyn

i have a question about anne boleyn. im a complete history buff an i love learning about the turdors and their families. i also love learnign about history in other europea regions to. my questions is.... why ddint king henry VIII think when anne was said to have had relations with other men... i mean she waited many years to be with him and if she waited that long why would she jeaprodiz her life and her crown for another man? and why would she have relations with her brotheR?? this woman must have thoguh these people were crazy! she was beheaded because soem people did not like her! king henry must have loved her alot to annul his marriage with catherine of aragon and he has her killed when a rumor goes around about her commiting treason. and why wouldnt he think about his daughter elzabeth bearly 3 years old and having to grow up never knowing her mother?? one more come it was okay for the king to have affairs with her ladies and it not be treason!
but its not okay for the queen to have an affair and she get her head cut off?? i mean what were the laws ?? like i said i love history and im in 9th grade i just want to know some stuff!! thanks!


kb said...

Keep reading! You will find that the story is even more interesting than you think.

Anonymous said...

I agree with kb. I've been reading about Anne Boleyn since I was your age, I've read every published book on her and the other wives, and I've never got bored of it.

We don't have a clear idea of why Henry, who still seemed madly in love with Anne four months before her death, had her beheaded. The accusations against her were obviously false, and the details were easily shown up to be wrong.

If a king had an affair, it only hurt his wife - if the queen had an affair, there was the chance that someone else's child would become king of England. They believed that the royal family had a God-given right to rule, so by their standards, and in a time with no DNA tests, it was far worse for a queen to have an affair. Edward IV's mother allegedly claimed that he was not his father's son, and so he had no right to the throne. You might enjoy reading about him, he was Henry VIII's grandfather and was a similar character, although he didn't keep beheading his friends and wives.

Eleanor Harman has written books on kings and queens who had affairs, I would recommend them. Luckily lots of us are intrigued by the Tudors, so there are lots of books out there!

Anonymous said...

i wonder what said george is true i read philippa gregory'S BOOK D OTHER BOLEYN GIRL,M CURIOUS WANT TO KNW MORE

Anonymous said...

Anne Boleyn was not just beheaded for rumors. But just reading wikipedia will tell you that. I will address your later questions.

first of all, it was not treason for the king to have an affair, because treason is disloyalty to the king. he couldnt very well be disloyal to himself.

also, because daughters were not important to england. he wanted a son. he cared more about his own happiness than elizabeths. have you ever read up on Mary Tudor, Katherine of Aragons daughter? It will explain what i mean.

another thing is that anne didnt marry the king for love, no one marries a king for love.

another reason for the king wanting to be ride of her was that he was in love with jane seaymour.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,
How do you know that Anne Boleyn did not love the King? Who knows maybe she actually married for love or maybe your right.