Monday, March 24, 2008

Question from Marian - Henry Fitzroy

What became of Henry Fitzroy? How long did he live? Was his royalty ever recognized?


Lara said...

I would have replied directly to you Marian, but you didn't leave an email address.

Henry Fitzroy died when he was about 17 of a pulmonary infection of some sort. It is usually described as "consumption" which is often taken to mean tuberculosis, but I think it actually covers a range of illnesses that we recognize as separate diseases or conditions today.

He was Henry VIII's only acknowledged bastard child (as far as I remember) and was given several noble titles, including Duke of Richmond. Also, the last name "Fitzroy" means "son of the king". So yes, his connection to the king was definitely recognized.

kb said...

Just to follow-up on Lara's response - There is some speculation that the creation of Henry Fitzroy (at the age of 6) as earl of Nottingham, Duke of Richmond and Somerset was Henry VIII putting a succession insurance policy in place. Just in case he never got the son he wanted and just in case he decided Mary and Elizabeth would not succeed.

Anonymous said...

Beverley Murphy has written a good book on him if you're interested further - I wouldn't recommend any others on him.