Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Question from Julie - Who signed the Act of Supremacy

Hi, I am looking for a list of the people who signed the Act of Supremacy. I could not find a list on the you have a list?? Thanks so much!!

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Anonymous said...

The Act of Supremacy was an Act of Parliament. It required only one actual signature: that of the monarch, Henry VIII (who of course did sign it). I'm going to guess that your question is really intended to find out which members of Parliament supported passage of the Act? For that information, you would need to consult a resource such as Hansard's, the official record of proceedings of the Houses of Parliament. But if I am not mistaken, no such records for votes on bills (called "divisions of the house") exist for the early Tudor period. There was also an Oath of Supremacy associated with the Act. Men of standing were required to subscribe to the oath or risk varying punishments. But that is not the same as signing the Act itself.