Monday, September 17, 2007

Question from Nicky - Memorial to Kat Ashley

After being fascinated by the tudors for many years, I was thrilled to get 'The Virgin Queen' as a present.
I have one question, in the film, you see Elizabeth looking at a memrial to Kat Ashley. does such a memrial really exist?

Many thanks


Lara said...

Her Oxford Dictionary of National Biography only mentions a portrait (presumably the one I have a B&W scan of), but not a monument. I haven't seen all of "The Virgin Queen" yet (it's still on my TiVo waiting to be watched), so it may be that they used one of the two monuments to Blanche Parry as one for Kat?

Anonymous said...

I've been pondering on exactly the same question for years. If one can find out where Kat is buried we might be able to get somewhere. I'll let you know if I do.