Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Question from Sterence - Order of service of Philip and Mary's wedding

Is there a published version of the order of service for Philip and Mary's wedding? I'm particularly interested in any information about the music at (or before/after) the service.

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Lara said...

Just skimming, I didn't see anything about music, but there are some descriptions of the marriage in one of the appendices of the "Chronicle of Queen Jane and Two Years of Queen Mary" here: http://tudorhistory.org/primary/janemary/app11.html

There might be some other useful information in other parts (contents here: http://tudorhistory.org/primary/janemary/contents.html )
but it's been so long since I put all that together, I can't remember. I also haven't finished with the main part of Mary's chronicle... still molding away on my hard drive I'm afraid...