Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Question from Mike - Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon

Just to piggy back off of Isabel's question.

What was the issue with "Mary Tudor" sister of Henry VIII marrying Charles Brandon?


Anonymous said...

Mary Tudor was the king's sister, and as such she could not marry without the king's explicit permission. She married Charles Brandon without first gaining Henry's direct consent, believing that she had complete freedom to marry following Henry's promise prior to her first marriage to the king of France that she would be free to choose for herself who any second husband might be. Henry, of course, conveniently "forgot" having given such a promise. Mary was a valuable asset as a marriage prize in any diplomatic negotiations, and he was unwilling to "waste" that asset by allowing her to marry an arriviste like Brandon, regardless of how close Henry and Brandon had once been.

Anonymous said...

Mary Tudor sister of king Henry viii was originally married to king Louis xii of france to keep the peace between the two countries but louis who was already a widower when he married Mary. she was unhappy in the marriage but was told by her brother the king that when he died she could take any man of her choice.king louis died not long after then Mary chose and married the man who she liked alot his name was Charles Brandon the kings campanion who was later to be made the duke of Suffolk.

Unknown said...

Henry was lenient with Mary and Brandon, partly because Mary was his favourite sister and Brandon his best friend, and partyl because Mary surrendered all her (extremely valuable) jewels that the King of France had given her to him.