Thursday, November 09, 2006

Question from Amanda - Henry VIII and faction

I am currently writing an essay on Henry VIII and faction. My particular intrest is the debate amongst historians. It would be much appreciated if anybody has any pointers for reading particulary books or websites.


Anonymous said...

Your question is still a little vague. What do you mean exactly by "faction"? The term is not often used by historians when describing the Tudor era, so I want to be sure anyone wanting to answer your question understands exactly what you mean. Do you mean political groups opposing each other? Religious groups? Nobles versus gentry? Please clarify your question.

Anonymous said...

An historian who's particularly keen on the notion of faction permeate the entire court and its political entity is E.W. Ives, whose best known book is 'The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn.' For those who are studying the notion of faction, whatever its precise clarifciation, that book cannot be missed!

Anonymous said...

some really great books that have been written about Henry VIII are 'The Six Wives of Henry VIII' (I don't remember the author of this one) and 'The Autobiography of Henry VIII' by Margarete George

Anonymous said...

A *must read* Vercors..

Anna Boleyn

> 40 entscheidene Monate in Englands Geschichte<

Anonymous said...

Faction In Tudor England E.W Ives
Reform And Reformation - G.R Elton

I am also writing an Essay on Faction in Henry VIII's Reign and would be grateful of any spare info or your finished document please .

rshep said...

just finshed a personal study on the same topic...

G.R. Elton "Reform and Reformation"
G.r Elton "England UNder The Tudors"
E.W Ives "Faction In Tudor England"
J.J. Scarisbrick "Henry VIII"
A.G Dickens "The English Reformation"

hope this helps.