Friday, September 08, 2006

Question from Sara T. - More on More and A Man For All Seasons

Well, I have to do a short biography of the characters in "A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS", the play about Sir Thomas More, and I was wondering if there is any information on the relationships between all the characters (specifically beteween More and the Kings 7 and 8) of the play and the Kings. Thanks in advance!
Sara, 16
Grade 11 English

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Anonymous said...

I'd suggest the book "In the Lion's Court" by Derek Wilson (2003). It has a chapter on Thomas More and his relationship with Henry VIII and those around him. You might be able to get it at your local public library, if you live in a large town or city. But your question asked about his relationship with "the Kings 7 and 8." If you are asking about his relationship with Henry VII and Henry VIII both, you might want to read "Thomas More: A Life" by Richard Marius (1984). It's big (thick), but easy to read ... not too academic or complicated.