Sunday, May 21, 2006

Question from Jill - Lists of locations of courts

Does anyone know a book or website that lists the location of Henry's court (as well as the courts of his wives and children) during their lives? I know they usually moved the court twice a year but would like to know specific dates and places.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much! I'll look into that! Thanks again! :D

Anonymous said...

The Kings court moved often between his many castles, palaces and houses. Mainly so that they could be cleaned.

Sometimes the king moved because of the sweat or the plague.These diseases and others were rife in the summer months.He often went on progress at this time visting his subjects in other parts of England.

More often though it was for housekeeping and toilet cleaning reasons! His children lived in the country away from disease ridden London.

Henrys wives did not have their own courts but shared Henry's. Two of his children had their own practice courts when they came of age. So they could experience heading up a court.They were Princess Mary (Mary lst sometimes called bloody Mary)This was an unusual step as Princesses were not usually trained up to be Queens because it was not thought they were competent to rule, being women. And it shows the measure of the kings desperation for an heir. The other was Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond, Henrys bastard son by his mistress Elizabeth (Bessy)Blount. At one point Henry considered marrying Mary to Richmond to protect the throne. Richmond died in his teens. And Mary was bastardised when Elizabeth was born. (Elizabeth was also made illegitimate when her mother died.) Henrys will made it possible for Elizabeth and Mary to rule if their half brother Edward died. Which of course he did allowing both women to rule one after the other,proving some women didn't rule so well and others were outstanding!