Sunday, January 29, 2006

Question from Jerry - Children in Tudor Times

What did children do in tudor times, i.e. work and play?

Note: submission edited for clarity


BritishNut56 said...

Were there games of hide and seek? Did girls play with doll houses or did the boys have games of "French and English"?

Yes...altho childhood didn't last long at all. Aristocratic children were looked upon as tiny adults and were expected to behave correctly at all times. Just take a look at the clothing for young people...even infants. Not quite conducive to climbing trees or running races.

However, children of the general population were allowed a bit more freedom, if only in their everyday wear. Not quite 'play clothes', but not the heavy satins and ruffed necks their 'wealthier' counterparts were expected to don each day.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget children were working from 7years