Thursday, January 19, 2006

Question from Elizabeth - Renaissance Queens

Editor's note: This question is usually a bit more broad that I would typically post, but if the commentors could recommend resources for Elizabeth to investigate, that would be great.

i am doing a history project on queens of the renaissance. can you please help me by telling me names of different queens, about them, what the importance of the queen was in the renaissance, and especialy what everyday life is like for a queen.

my school project is that we will soon be setting up a whole renaissance fair, and everyone in the grade gets a role (like a surf, peasent. noble, king, queen, and many other things) i am going to be the queen so i need to know what to look like, how to act, what to do.. all the details.

i am in 7th grade and i am 12 years old

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Anonymous said...

The tudors are completely different to all of the british history. I do not know why
Henry VIII was known to be a selfish and horrid man! What if the historians have got it all wrong? His wives could have been horrid! It's weird to know that Henry VIII was scared of the Catherine of Aragon. I suppose he thought that she might be like her mother Isobel of Castile and fight. He might have cut off heads and made a new church but he was not the worst tudor was he? Think about it. Catherine of Aragon's survived daughter, Mary burnt over 300 people at the steak because they would not change their beliefs. She succeded the throne and beheaded the nine day queen, Jane Grey! She locked her sister Elizabeth ( daughter of Anne Boleyn) in the bloody tower ( part of the tower of london) till she died of her tumor. I went to the tower of london yesterday and it's so amazing! Parts of it had been added throughout centuries! Did you know that when Mary queen of scotts son James 1 became king, he was told: If the ravens were to leave the white tower, it would crumble into pieces and the monarchary would fail. I really recommend going there if you are into history. Does anyone know Elizabeth I's last words she said before she died? The words were:
All my possesions at this time!
She was standing for fifteen hours before she died, because she was to weak to sit or sleep in fear that she would die. Please look on my website below. Its all about the tudors. Thanks