Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Question from Peta - Thomas Cromwell and religious changes

Describe the role of Thomas Cromwell in the religious changes which took place in England in the years 1531-1540.

This is a essay title ive been given at school, has anyone got any ideas on this subject at all??

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Cromwell, eh? Well, try these links:



To get a sense of what life was like in Tudor Times, try this great website:


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Anonymous said...

Cromwell helped Henry VIII break away from the Catholic church when he wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon. Hope that helped =).

Anonymous said...

Some people believe that Cromwell was the moving force behind The Reformation...that it was his idea to break with Rome. However, he wouldn't have been able to go as far as he did if Henry hadn't agreed with each of Cromwell's steps.

Anonymous said...

When Henry wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon, Cromwell helped him do it. Cromwell's fall came when he arranged a marriage with ugly Anne of Cleves. . .:(

Anonymous said...

i know cromwell he is my couz good old couz he is. :o)

Anonymous said...

cromwell was henrys best friend he helped him in loads of different things. He gave him the idea to get his wives beheaded.