Saturday, November 19, 2005

A few general comments and tips

I've received a few questions over the past few years though the old set-up that were very easy to answer with a very quick serach through google or your search engine of choice. I don't want to turn this into a big rant or anything (for those, go see my personal blog in the future!) but I have to wonder why people are going through the trouble of submitting a question here (which might not get posted right away) to answer a simple question?

Some examples are -
Q: How long did Katherine Parr live after Henry VIII's death? A: Pretty easy to figure out.... go to the Henry VIII page and see when he died, then go to the Katherine Parr page and see when she died and do the math. I do intend to add the link to the search engine for the site to every page, so maybe this will help out when these types of questions.

Q: Who fought in the Wars of the Roses? A: Okay, not "the Roses", like in that movie from the 80s... But a quick search on Google or Wikipedia will give the answer. One helpful thing for getting the information you are looking for is to put quotes around your search term, e.g. "Wars of the Roses". It should help narrow down the results.