Sunday, October 05, 2014

Question from Rita - Illegitimate son of Charles Brandon

I am researching my family history on my maiden name, Brandon. I have come to a standstill regarding Thomas Brandon, presumably born in 1550 and his presumed father, Sir Charles Brandon,the illegitimate son of Charles, 1st Duke of Suffolk. Is Sir Charles Brandon the illegitimate son of the 1st Duke? If so, did he have a son Thomas? In either case, I would like some information to continue my family tree. It intrigues me I could be a possible descendent of the Tudor family. Thank you so much for any information or resources which would be be beneficial.


Sarah said...

You may be interested in this article on Charles Brandon, illegitimate son of Sir Charles Brandon, 1st duke of Suffolk. However, there is no indication, from his will or elsewhere, that he had any children, legitimate or not. Giving a child his surname would indicate recognition, which would likely be reflected in any will.

Sarah said...

Also, just to add that Charles Brandon, 1st duke of Suffolk was given his title because of his friendship with Henry VIII and good service. He was not a Tudor (although he married one) but was descended from the gentry. Would still be a nice link to a fascinating man if it was true.

Maud of the Well said...

Interesting. I just found out that I too, am a descendant of the Illegitimate son (Charles 1521-1551) of Charles Brandon. 13th G grandfather to be exact, on my Mothers side (DuPuy family). I am also recording my family history. Hope you find all the info you can.

Andrea Moore