Thursday, September 01, 2022

Question from David - Time travel 'what ifs'

My question is about time travel. As a huge time travel genre fan, I was wondering what would ( probably) happen if I were to travel back to this era, and bring with me some modern day stuff, like, iPads, computers, modern day foods for them to try, a TV set; etc,.. Or if a Tudor era gent/lady were to travel forward to this time, and experience and find out about what life is like now. Would they be shocked, appalled, or (happily) fascinated?


John said...

It’s actually kind of hard to say for sure, the question you’ve asked is very complex. Just as today, everyone was different/unique, so some might’ve been (happily) surprised, while others would be very angry about how our world is today, some might really get into our technology, while others might even accuse it as some form of “witchcraft”. One last example, some may like our fast food restaurant foods/meals, while another Tudor era person might be repulsed by it, and even regurgitate it! Etc.. So that’s all I have to say about this, maybe someone else could be of better help to you, but I did the best I could.

Howard said...

I agree, the question you’ve asked can’t really be said for everybody! It’s almost like, in a way, if I were to ask something like, if all the ladies in this era were “tight-laced” into their stays, until they couldn’t breathe, eat, or sleep. Or, even more ludicrously, if I asked, if all the knights in medieval times were “tight-laced” into/with a woman’s undergarment, before being tightened into such tight, restrictive armor to the point they couldn’t even breathe/catch their breath, much less be able to joust, or fight in battle! NOBODY would’ve done/did that! Lol!🤣. “Tight-lacing” wasn’t a “thing”, anyways, until the Victorians, and even then, research shows/proves not everybody practiced it/approved of it! My answer to this may seem to not make any sense, to you, but that’s just how I see it! Lol!

Kate said...

This is easy to answer. You could bring all the tech you wanted, with no place to charge them or plug them in it would be rather moot. The items themselves would probably get you accused of witchcraft and then they'd kill you