Sunday, October 10, 2021

Question from Anonymous - Journal subscription suggestions

I finished my university studies a few years ago, but I want to get back into reading scholarly articles. Are there any particular journals or subscriptions you would recommend for someone interested in Henry VIII's time? Thank you.

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PhD Historian said...

A very interesting and important question! First, many (most?) academic or scholarly journals are not something one "subscribes" to in the traditional sense of subscribing to magazines and newspapers. Instead, one joins a society or organization, such as the Royal Historical Society, the North American Conference on British Studies, the Society for Renaissance Studies, or the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference. Many of the societies are based in America, largely because similar societies in the UK tend to focus on a specific geographic region rather than a specific time period or era. Membership fees usually include a subscription to any journal(s) published by the society. It is rare to be able to subscribe to a journal without also joining the society that publishes the journal. If your focus is "Henry VIII's time," I would recommend the Sixteenth Century Society, though it is *not* England-specific. I am not aware of any academic or genuinely scholarly society or journal that focuses narrowly on "Henry VIII's time" or even England in the broader sixteenth century. The Tudor Society *is* specific to England and to the sixteenth century, but it is an amateur society rather than a scholarly or academic one.