Saturday, September 18, 2021

Question from dmj - Isabella of Castile's treatment of her daughter

Is it true that the Spanish queen mother of king Henry vlll first wife was torturous to her own daughter, Catherine sister?

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Anonymous said...

Which daughter? Queen Isabella had four who survived infancy - Isabella, Joanna, Maria and Katherine (the latter being Katherine of Aragon, first wife of Henry VIII)

I assume you are talking about Joanna. She seems to have showed signs of "religious scepticism" in her teens, which was of course unacceptable and horrifying for her very Catholic mother (I will let you do your research on the Spanish Inquisition if it is of any interest to you). If we are to believe contemporary letters, Joanna was indeed subjected to some form of torture / punishment: suspended by a rope with weights attached to her feet.

I highly encourage you to learn more about "Juana la Loca" (Joanna the Mad). Her life was as tragic as fascinating. She was an incredibly bright woman, victim of the toxicity of the men in her life.