Friday, July 30, 2021

Question from Peter - Son of Roland de Velville

I have traced my family tree back to Roland De Velville but by a son. The online information records two daughters but no son. Is this an inaccurate record or how do I find out whether he had a son?


PhD Historian said...

It is far more common for daughters to be missing from the historical records than sons. And Roland de Velville was a person of sufficient prominence that the birth to him of a son would be noticed and mentioned *somewhere*. The most common place of mention would be in a last will and testament, but no such document for de Velville is known to have survived (likely lost during the intervening centuries). In any case, it seems to me unlikely that his daughters would be reasonably well known to history but a son would not. The very great likelihood is that Roland de Velville simply did not have any sons.

SusanHffe said...

Only two daughters recorded , on the Spackman family history there are more de Veliville recorded

Soosoo said...

Looking through my Spackman family history, not complete by any means, there is a son, David and 2 daughters Grace and Jane recorded as the children of Sir Richard de Velville