Friday, December 11, 2020

Question from Tess - Anne of Cleves translator

Did Anne of Cleves have her personal translator when she first arrived at the court of Henry VIII? I read that she did not speak much English...?

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PhD Historian said...

Our knowledge of the past is limited by the evidence that remains available to us. And that evidence grows ever more scant as the past recedes, and most of it is lost through the intervening years. And quite often, the evidence was never "created" in the first place, for a variety of reasons. In the specific instance of any translator that may have accompanied Anne of Cleves when she first traveled to England, I would be extremely surprised if any evidence ever existed in the first place, much less that it survived to identify one or more translators by name. At best, they may have been identified in a financial accounting ledger, but the vast majority of those kinds of documents do not survive.