Thursday, June 18, 2020

Question from Erin - Women's hair at their executions

I am doing a project on pen pals and we started talking about ladies being beheaded did they wear there hair up or was their head above the neck covered in a handkerchief

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Lara said...

It certainly would have been in the condemned's best interest to have an easily visible neck, I would think! In the case of Mary Queen of Scots, she was apparently wearing her wig and her actual hair under the wig was cut short. But I'm not sure how the hair of her wig was styled. Ives wrote in his 2005 book on Anne Boleyn that she removed her headdress and then an attendant handed her a cap and she tucked her hair under it.

Those are two that I could quickly check, but if anyone else knows of other examples, please leave comments!