Sunday, February 02, 2020

Question from Daniel - Henry VIII's remains

Hi everyone it's been a while! My question is.. Do you think Henry VIII body/skeletal remains will be exhumed at some point as it very unclear what he succumbed to obviously he's a very high profile figure lot of controversy around him I for one would like this to happen!?

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PhD Historian said...

It is very unlikely to happen. Henry VIII is buried in the Royal Vault beneath the choir in St George's Chapel, Windsor. The Chapel is a Royal Peculiar, which means it is under the direct jurisdiction of the Crown. I seriously doubt that any monarch would be likely to set a precedent for exhuming dead monarchs by allowing Henry VIII to be disturbed. Doing so might impact their own future peaceful repose. The desire to establish precise cause of death, especially in the absence of suspected foul play, is simply not sufficient to open a grave.