Monday, September 09, 2019

Question from Donna - Costumes for play on Latimer and Ridley

I am making costumes for a play about Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley 1530 England. What kind of clothing would they wear. All of the photos I can find are so dark that I cannot see details. Any help will be appreciated.

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PhD Historian said...

May I suggest a simple Google image search for each person? That will produce a number of pictures of painted portraits and engravings from the period, and those pictures should be sufficiently clear to enable you to see the details. But in short, they were both priests and thus often (but not always) wore priestly garb: black cassock, a surplice when in the church, and, in the instance of Ridley specifically, an academic gown and hood (Ridley held the degree Doctor of Divinity).