Thursday, July 11, 2019

Question from Deborah - Relation of Catherine of Aragon to Elizabeth II

My husband is a descendant from Catherine of Aragon. Would my husband be kin to Queen Elizabeth II ?

[I tried to reach out to Deborah for clarification but the email bounced so I'll put what I emailed her in the first comment on this post. - Lara]

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Lara said...

I wanted to clarify your question before it was posted to the Q&A blog. Catherine of Aragon only had one child, Mary (later Mary I), who lived to adulthood and Mary didn't have children, so there are no *descendants* of Catherine of Aragon. Do you perhaps mean *related* to Catherine? And in that case, the answer is yes, since Catherine of Aragon and Elizabeth II would be distantly related since they are both descendants of Edward I - and probably some other connections, but that's the one I know off the top of my head! :)