Sunday, September 30, 2018

Question from Tabitha - Catherine de Medici and Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I

I like to know more about the relationship between mary queen scots and catherine de medici? Did they get along? Did catherine try to go against mary in any way? And also did catherine ever have any dealings with elizabethI?


Anonymous said...

Yes Catherine wrote to Elizabeth regarding Mary in a few letters I've been able to find. If you look at official corrospondence/letters of Elizabeth 1 (online) you can find them and read them.

HistoryGeek said...

I believe Catherine wrote to Elizabeth earlier on during Marys inprisionment in England trying to help the Queen of Scots secure help punishing her rebellous subjects, and at time writing to attempt to get her better treatment but later on in her imprisionment it seems Catherine had less to do with the situation as time progessed. Eventually she'd even try securing a marriage between her young son and Elizabeth. It seems Catherine realized Mary's chances of returning to the throne of Scotland were hopeless and that Elizabeth would make a good alley in her own issues with the hugonots - possibly even agianst the Guise.

Anonymous said...

According to Leonie Frieda's biography of Catherine de Medici, she was kind to Mary while Mary was living in France, but things changed after Darnley's murder -- she wrote Mary saying that they would be enemies if she didn't go after the guilty.