Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Question from Loredana - School paper on Essex Rebellion

At school I have this question about Earl of Essex Rebellion is a interpretation and i must to write how convincing is ... So the interpretation is like this : "When Elizabeth refused to renew [Essexs] patent (monopoly) of sweet wines.his credit structure collapsed. She had effectively condemned him to a life of poverty.Yet Essexs motivation went beyond this. A faction leader who was denied access to a monarch was an untenable positionAfter his disgrace, his urge to oust the Cecilian upstartsbecame obsessional."

Someone to help me . please .
Thank you !

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Unknown said...

You've undoubtedly written and turned in your paper but being from the US I wasn't familiar with the rebellion so I did a little ,(very little) research.
I found that came up with several conclusions about its causes but more about how it's failure showed how much the social and economic structure had become much more stable in a widespread way.
Earlier rebellions would have gained much more traction because finding numerous disgruntled people with no investment in the status quo would have been relatively easy.

I also found, an analysis of the Devereaux Papers a collection of documents of the time.
Also citing the influence of James of Scotland but more the workings of Cecil against him.
I'd love to know what you came up with for your paper.