Friday, March 11, 2016

Question from Becca - Further questions on Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon's coronation procession

Hello all! I'm still working on my project and hoped that some of you out there could answer some more questions for me and help me double check the information I've already gathered.

In all I have found 23 ladies who were for sure at Catherine and Henry's coronation procession. These ladies range from maids of honor to chamberers. I am sure there were several more but I'm still working on it.

Question: Would Henry's knights have been the "Knights of the Garter"? I have a list of them and that would be awesome but I have no idea if Henry's knights and the knights of the garter would have been the same people.

2nd Question: Who would have been considered the "children of Honor"? I know there were 9 of them, that they wore blue velvet in the procession and that each of them represented a region of Henry Viii's dominion (by name England, France, Gascony, Guyenne, Normandy, Anjou, Cornwall, Wales and Ireland). Also that they rode white palfreys decorated with the trappings of the 9 regions. Would these kids have been the children of high ranking nobles from the areas they represented.

Question 3: Who were the Barons of the Cinque Ports in 1509? Apparently there were 4 of them, there were several barons that represented more then one port. Even the people who run the website dedicated to the Cinque Ports don't have an answer for 1509. They may have been the same men who represented the ports in 1510 but I don't know for sure.

I absolutely love this website and I am so grateful for all of the help and support I've found here. I have gone through the Q and A's pretty far back searching around, I apologize in advance if I'm repeating previous questions.

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