Sunday, October 04, 2015

Question from Jeff - Non-fiction book recommendations on King Henry

Which book would be the very best to read to learn all the facts about King Henry, I'm looking for the real facts not fiction.
I've sent to much time reading the wrong book.

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PhD Historian said...

I assume you mean Henry VIII?

The scholarship on Henry VIII has become highly specialized over the past few decades, and as a result few comprehensive biographies have been published recently. What we have instead are a seemingly endless series of highly focused studies that examine one tiny aspect of his life, reign, character, or whatever. There just haven't been many general studies produced since J.J. Scarisbrick's "Henry VIII" was published in 1968.

I recommend David Loades's "Henry VIII" (Amberley, 2011). You might also try Derek Wilson's "A Brief History of Henry VIII" (Running Press, 2009).