Monday, July 06, 2015

Question from Peter - Record of claims on lands of Thomas de Hasilden

Dear Tudor Q&A the following is a catalogue entry for a 15th/16th Century manuscript.

Can anyone advise on what grounds Roger Banastre et al are likely to have had a claim to the lands and tenements mentioned and/or why the lands should go to them in particular rather than anyone else?

Dean and college of the free chapel of St Stephens Westminster to Roger Banastre Richard Altham, and Robert Broun of Wakefield.

To take seizen of lands and tenements in Wakefield which ought to revert to them on the death of Thomas de Hasilden, the father, by reason of the bastardy of the said Thomas. Which Thomas is dead without legitimate issue.

Many thanks.


PhD Historian said...

Very little information is offered by the extract, but it would appear that the freehold of certain lands and tenements in Wakefield lay with the Dean and Chapter of St Stephen's Westminster, which had allowed Thomas Hasilden to occupy them, probably on leasehold. For reasons not stated in the extract, Banastre, Altham, and Broun held a right of reversion on those same lands and tenements. It is possible that Banastre, Altham, and Broun held the original leasehold from St Stephen's, but elected at some point to sell the leasehold to Hasilden, with the permission of St Stephen's. When Hasilden died without issue, Banastre, Altham, and Broun reclaimed the lands. The document is essentially a confirmation by the Dean and Chapter that the three men did, in fact, have the legal right to reclaim, recover, and occupy the lands following Hasilden's death without issue.

Unknown said...

Very many thanks PhD Historian I am most grateful.