Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Question from Kyra - Prince Arthur in Calais in 1498

Did Prince Arthur go to Calais in 1498? I was reading the Spanish state calendar papers and came across a section..

"Henry said that God alone knows how much, and for how long a time, he has desired the marriage of the Princess Katharine with the Prince of Wales. As soon as the Prince of Wales, who is in Calais, arrives, the marriage ceremony will be performed, and all things will change from good to better" was Arthur in Calais in July 1498 or I am misunderstanding the passage?

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kb said...

I see that entry for 17 July. I'm not as close a reader than Foose but it certainly looks like the prince was in Calais at the time. This entry looks like a report from De Puebla based on a conversation with Henry 7. He would have been 10. It would be helpful to find a reference previous to this date about him going there or being there. If I find one, I'll post it.