Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Question from Annette - Catherine Fillol's convent

Question about catherine fillol and John Seymour, after they allegedly had an affair and her father found out about it..she was sent to a convent...can anyone hazard a guess or Actually know which convent she was sent to? Would it have been in Wiltshire or her native Dorset ? Did convents allow visitors? I also read that convents only took wealthy women with dowrys, how is this possible if her dowry would have gone to her husband edward surely? Thanks again.

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Foose said...

One thought that occurred to me in connection with this search: There might be a clue in Sir William Fillol's full will. I can only get at excerpts online, but the will is apparently among the "Middleton Collection" held at the University of Nottingham. Although I'm sure scholars have already been over the will, there's a possibility it contains bequests or donations to religious foundations - one might be the convent in question, as Sir William might have wanted to give the nuns an endowment separate from his daughter's income, perhaps to avert any efforts to deprive her of the 40 pounds.

It's a long shot, but maybe contacting the University might produce a copy of the complete will. In addition, other family manuscripts in the collection might reveal long-standing connections between the Fillol family and certain houses of religion, which would provide another possible line of inquiry.