Monday, June 16, 2014

Question from Annabell - Lady Howard and Lady Dacre

Hello! I was reading a question about lady Howard at the New Year gift list and found it by myself and I was researching about lady Howard junior and lady Dacres of the South, but could not find anything about them. Were they related or not and biographies. Thank you a lot!!!!!

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PhD Historian said...

The Ladies Dacre (of the South) during the 1570s were:

Anne Sackville Fiennes, wife of Gregory Fiennes, 10th Baron Dacre. She died in 1595 without surviving issue.


Margaret Fiennes, suo jure 11th Baroness Dacre, who died in 1612. Margaret married Sampson Lennard, so that the Barons Dacre were all Lennards between 1612 and 1741.

There's not a lot of biographical material available on the Ladies Dacre, but most of what there is can be found in Thomas Barrett-Lennard's An Account of the families of Barrett and Lennard (1908), available at

Annabell said...

Thank you on your comment.I still know nothing about lady Howard.Can someone tell me something about her?I will be thankful to you.

kb said...

Well if you are referring to Catherine Carey Howard, later countess of Nottingham, she has a Wikipedia entry. That would be a good starting point.

If this is the Lady Howard you are interested in, let us know, as I have more information.

Annabell said...

Hi,kb! I wasn`t referring to Catherine Carey,but "Lady Hawarde, jun."

kb said...

That still leaves a lot of room for identification. Katherine Carey Howard was a key lady-in-waiting during the 1570s. Lady Elizabeth Howard, Lady Southwell was a maid of honor during the 1570s. She was Katherine Carey Howard's daughter. There was Jane Howard Neville, countess of Westmoreland. Thre was also Katherine Howard, daughter od William Howard and Margaret Gamage Howard; Martha Howard, her sister; Mary Howard also a daughter of Katherine Carey Howard and her sister Frances Howard Fitzgerald who was not born until the 1570s though; Agnes or Anne Howard, a daughter of William Howard and Margaret Gamage Howard; Frances Howard Seymour later countess of Hertford and Douglas Howard who by the 1570s was Lady Sheffield.

So quite a few. Perhaps Lady Elizabeth Howard Southwell? If so there is some information on her in Robert Dudley (explorer' Wikipedia entry.