Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Question from kb - Elizabeth Trevanion Carey, Baroness Carey, Countess Of Monmouth

Hi All,

I am looking for any stray information about Elizabeth Trevanion Carey, Baroness Carey, Countess Of Monmouth. I have the memoirs of Robert Carey, her husband and the entry on Kate Meerson's site. Anything else anyone can contribute would be helpful including birth/death dates, reception in the Jacobean Court, her nature or character, etc.

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Marilyn Roberts said...

I don't know anything about the lady, but have you come across
Very interesting, although no source notes.

kb said...

Thanks! The lack of sources is a drag but it's a start. I rarely venture into the Jacobean Court.

Marilyn Roberts said...

The only biography of King Charles I possess is the John Bowle of 1977, he quotes Carey as saying he and his wife had many battles with the King over the child, but the source is given as the Memoirs you have already.

On a completely different tack, have you any idea where I can find a list of members of Katherine Howard's household? I'm sure it's out there somewhere, but I'm just not finding it. The Mother of the Maids appears to be Mrs Stonor - again - but I'm having difficulties finding who did what: Margaret Morton, for example, what was her status? Any help at all would be appreciated.



kb said...


Have you checked the State Papers? I presume you are referring to Queen Katherine Howard? I don't have a list for the Henrician queens. Only Mary I and Elizabeth I and those lists are full of holes because of the gaps in the archives. But we're slowly filling in some of those holes.