Monday, December 09, 2013

Question from Amanda - Familial connection between Katherine Grey and Katherine Plantagenet

Hello, I've heard of there being a familial connection between Katherine Grey, sister to Jane Grey, and Katherine Plantagenet, illegitimate daughter of Richard III. Is there actually this kind of connection between these families? If so, who are their common ancestors? Any info would be helpful. Thank you in advance.


PhD Historian said...

Both Katherine Grey’s mother, Frances Brandon Grey, and Katherine Plantagenet’s father, Richard III, were descended from John of Gaunt. Frances, as a granddaughter of Henry VII, was descended from Margaret Beaufort, Margaret’s father John Beaufort, and Margaret’s grandfather John Beaufort (first illegitimate son of John of Gaunt by Katherine Swynford). Richard’s mother, Cecily Neville, was a daughter of Joan Beaufort (fourth illegitimate child of Gaunt and Swynford).

Anonymous said...

Katherine Plantagenet and Katherine Grey are cousins 3 times removed.

Katherine Plantagenet's father (Richard III) was a brother to Katherine Grey's great great grandfather (Edward IV). This means Elizabeth of York ( Katherine Grey's great grandmother)is a cousin to Katherine Plantagenet. Mary "Rose" Tudor (Katherine Grey's Grandmother)is a cousin once removed from Katherine Plantagenet. Frances Brandon ( Katherine Grey's mother) is a cousin twice removed from Katherine Plantagenet. Therefore Katherine Grey would be cousins three times removed from Katherine Plantagenet.