Sunday, September 15, 2013

Question from Ray - Nobility at Elizabeth's court c. 1574

Looking for a concise list of ALL Nobility who were at Queen Elizabeth's Court at around 1574. Any ideas on where I can get this list or anyone who has a comprehensive list, I would love a copy of it. This applies to Male AND female Courtiers. HELP!


kb said...

Being 'at court' was not a hard and fast state of existence. Technically, the court was anywhere the queen was in residence. She moved throughout the year and went on progress so the court was mobile - and fluid. People would arrive and leave. People would be summoned and sent off.

I don't know of any printed resource that lists all the people serving the court for a specific year, and it would also have to be for specific months/seasons/weeks.

You might get a sense of who was in attendance on certain days or for certain events by looking at Nichols Progresses (available online - google). You can tell which Privy Councillors were around by checking Acts of the Privy Council.

You can pretty much figure out who was around at New Year's by checking the New Year's gift rolls but be careful as some presents were sent in and delivered by other courtiers.

Even if you find or assemble a list for everyone present at New Year's - say - there is no guarantee they were 'at court' the next week.

Others might have more helpful suggestions for you.

Unknown said...

Look at the Tilney family they served royals from as far back as the 1400's .Agnus Tilney duchess of Norfolk around 1545 Philip Tilney 1541 son of Sir Philip was usher of the privy chamber to Henry V111. Sir Edmond Tilney 1536-1610 son of Philip was master of the revels to Elizabeth 1 and James 1 responsibile for the censorship of drama in England and instrumental in the devlopment of English Drama. let me know if ii can help you with anything else jen