Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Question from Lisa - Christopher Hatton's illegitimate daughter Elizabeth

Many sources say that Christopher Hatton had an illegitimate daughter, named Elizabeth, who then had an illegitimate child with John Perrot. I have been trying to find more information about Elizabeth. When was she born? Who was her mother? Any information will be appreciated.


kb said...

Hi - It would help to specify which sources and which John Perrot.

Unknown said...

More sources than I can recall - at my fingertips are The Courtier and the Queen (Malcolm Deacon), Neither Fire Nor Steel (Alice Vines), and Sir Christopher Hatton (Eric St. John Brooks) where on p 358 it says, "In the heraldic visitation of Wales written by Lewys Dwnn, it is said that Sir John Perrot, the Deputy of Ireland, had a daughter (illegitimate), Elizabeth the wife of Hugh Butler of Johnstown, by Elizabeth daughter of Sir Christopher Hatton." This is the same John Perrot who was rumored to be an illegitimate son of Henry VIII.

shtove said...

Here's a link - can't vouch for the source:

Anonymous said...

Yes. I do have that one, but am very appreciative. I am really trying to find some biographical information about her. Who was her mother and when and where was she born.

shtove said...

Sorry to be unhelpful! I didn't note you'd already done a search.

This link has three sources - I thought inquiry through the Butler of Johnston angle would be best.

You might be able to get copies online since they're so old:

Title: Butler of Johnston
Author: Geoffrey Morgan Steele
Publication: Pembrokeshire Record Office, HDX/803/1, pedigree charts based on the works of Francis Green
Page: p.71

Title: Old Pembroke Families In the ancient County Palatine of Pembroke.
Author: Henry Owen, D.C.L. Oxon., F.S.A.
Publication: London: Published For The Author By Chas. J. Clark, 36, Essex Street, Strand, 1902

Title: Perrot notes
Author: Edward Lowry Barnwell
Publication: Cambrian Archaeological Association, London: J. Russell Smith, 1867


Unknown said...

Elizabeth Perrott's first husband was Hugh Butler of Johnston 1563-1604, with issue 6 daughters and 1 son born 1588, Thomas, a Lt Col in the Royal army and Sheriff 1644/45, which makes me think Elizabeth was born about 1569, probably at Carew Castle.

Her second husband was John Butler of Coedcenlais, Sheriff in 1608, died 1629 and probably married in 1605. The issue from this marriage was 3 daughters and 1 son, Captain John Butler who surrendered to Cromwell after the siege of Pembroke Castle in 1648. I hope this is helpful.