Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Site slowness issues...

... and this is why I keep this blog on a separate service from the news blog and website! My webhost is having issues so a lot of sites, including mine, are slow or are having their connections dropped. If you try to go to pages on the rest of the site (i.e. other than pages) they may be slow, not appear correctly, or won't even come up at all. I know they are working on it so hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.

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Anonymous said...

Dear PHD,

Ms. Marrilyn asked in a previous post if I knew where William ap Rice was being boarded and with whom...I came across and Entry in the Privy Purse Household expense of Princess Mary dated August 1537:"Item to Beatrice (Lavendar) for her sonnes table at Windsor" The priests name there is not mentioned but that's where he was at age 15. The entries stop after he turns 16. Stephen Gardiner, Beatrice's Brother is the Bishop of Westminiister and later Under Henry VIII named as Archbishop of Canterbury. (Aside: Beatrice had 7 children with Daffid ap Rhys of Carew) William was #3 and a Harry #6. They both received educations/clothing from the Princess Household accounts.) FYI found online @ Google Books publised 1831by Frederick Madden. Thanks again: Dale C. Rice 1948 Nebraska Rices