Monday, February 18, 2013

Question from Danielle - Tudor and Early Stuart Imagery

Hi there.

I am going to be doing a project about Tudor and Stuart Royal imagery and wondered if anyone had any suggestions for resources. I have been to London and visited some museums but I cannot afford to keep going to and from Canterbury to London so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for books/online resources.

I am hoping to look at how each monarch, up until Charles I, used image to publicly display themselves. I'm hoping to use resources such as; paintings, medals, great seals, coins and anything else (suggestions most welcome)

I know that in the later monarchs, they were shown upon horseback, which I know represented them as a "warrior" and others were shown upon the throne, some times with the scepter and orb, which obviously showed them as divine and upholding the law etc.

This is for my 3rd year history dissertation, I am in the UK, and I thank you for any help that you can give. I don't want people to answer my dissertation for me (as I have had people being rather rude to me over them thinking that) I was just hoping for some resource help :)

Thanks for your time.



Marilyn R said...

Have you looked at ‘The Tudor and Stuart Monarchy: Pageantry, Painting, Iconography’ (I think there are 3 volumes) by Roy Strong, and ‘Tudor Royal Iconography’ by John N. King?

tudor princess said...

There is an amazing amount of scope in your suggestion, Danielle and you may want to pare this down a little for your dissertation.

For Henry VIII and an examination of the Whitehall mural, I would recommend Roy Strong's "Holbein and Henry VIII". This is available as a separate book and also is included in the Tudor and Stuart Monarchy volumes that Marilyn has suggested above.

(In fact these volumes are excellent and extensive - I do know my copies were extremely expensive to buy so I am not too sure of their availability.)

For the Walker Art Gallery portrait then try "Henry VIII Revealed - Holbein's Portrait and its Legacy" by Xanthe Brooke and David Crombie.

"The Tudor Image" by Maurice Howard and "Henry VIII - Images of a Tudor King" by Christopher Lloyd and Simon Thurley are good, basic introductions to the topic.

For Elizabeth I, I can recommend Roy Strong's following books:

"The Cult of Elizabeth"
"Gloriana - the Portraits of Queen Elizabeth I"

Elizabeth's iconography is quite complex - if you get time, a couple of key portraits are at Hatfield House and worth a visit.

For Charles I, there is "Van Dyke - Charles I on Horseback" by Roy Strong and "The Age of Charles I" by the same author.

"Images of Rule - Art and Politics in the English Renaissance - 1485-1649" by David Howarth is also a good read.

There was an excellent exhibition recently on Prince Henry, heir of James I at the NPG and his imagery was discussed and how when, Charles became heir, his image then had to be re-defined.

The catalogue is "The Lost Prince -Henry, Prince of Wales" by Catharine MacCleod and also (who else!) Roy Strong also published a book on Prince Henry.

You may wish to focus on a certain angle eg comparing Henry VIII and Charles I or examining imagery both through seals and illuminated manuscripts. Perhaps you could also look at miniatures from Henry VIII to Charles I.

If you want to go down the clothes route then try works by Maria Hayward and Janet Arnold.

Finally, (and I am already salivating over this) there will be an exhibition at the Queen's Gallery in London called, "In Fine Style - the Art of Tudor and Stuart Fashion" which will run from May to October.

This promises to depict the sumptuous costumes of 16th and 17th century rulers through their portraits.

These are just my thoughts - I am sure others will also be able to help you as it is an incredibly complex but fascinating topic!

Danielle said...

Thank you both for your suggestions! I shall note them down and take a look at what I can get from each of them.

I do realise it is a big topic but it was not me who came up with the topic question. We have to work one to one with a tutor in the department and I am working with Professor Jackie Eales, and it was she who came up with it. I did not question it as she obviously knows what she is talking about and I like how big it is, it gives much more room to find out different information. I shall be comparing each English monarch rather than foreign ones, and how image was used as a power tool through the different status's of their people.

Again thank you for the book suggestions! I shall look in to them right away :)

Ladyhoby said...

hi Danielle
you mention seals, I have just flicked through my holiday photos and canterbury museaum have a few, I would think that they may have more that they don't have on show also the cathedral may have them.

if you goole medals, coins etc and look at the pictures you will find lots of useful sites. For pictures try
someone on here recomended it years ago,pictures are added so keep an eye on it.I know Elizabeth made sure she was shown in a good light so look at the dates and how old she real was.

Did you watch the Richard III in the car park channel 4 programe, they had 2 portrates that showed how they made him look differant during Henry's time,you should be able to get it on 4oD.

Danielle said...

Lady Hoby -

Thank you for your suggestions. Ive actually never come across that website before and I've looked for ages online! Thank you so much! Very useful.

Oh wow! I've never been to the Canterbury museum. I shall go at the weekend and have a look. I'm sure they would. I'll get a letter from one of the History Dr's/Professors and see if I can go behind the scenes.

I'm going to go to Hatfield soon so that may help :)

I didn't catch it no, but I have been meaning to go on 4oD for it, so i'll have a look later on today :)

Thank you again. You have been very helpful! :)


I'd just like to say again, that I am just asking for a few extra resources. I have been to many many gallerys, museums, archives. I've got countless books and have seen many primary sources. I only came on here so I could get just a little bit more help from people who have had experience with this, as like I said above, I've never come across that website for the portraits.
Thank you for your time and suggestions.

Ladyhoby said...

You shouldn't need a letter for the museaum, if you let them know in advance what you are looking for they are normaly happy to help.they have so much their go early have a look around then talk to the staff you maybe lucky and see things that day, also take lots of batteries and SD cards you will need them, if not for this project but for the future when you are answering questions on this site.

At Hatfield you can not take photos in the main house and you are taken round so not a lot of time to really look, if I remember there is the picture of Elizabeth with the ears on. there is in the garden a wall with a her on it. the stain glass in the church is victorian. if you are going with the collage you maybe alowed to see things that are not on the tour. have a look on their website it may help you before you go

Danielle said...

Thank you I shall definitely do that!!

Oh I did not know that about Hatfield, it thought it was like Hampton Court where you can just walk around the house. Never mind. It wasn't essential. I can still go to Hampton Court and get a wide range of resources there.

Thanks Again.