Saturday, December 29, 2012

Question from Eva - Seymour children birth order

I am hoping to find some Seymour family expert who can advise me on the birth dates of the Seymour siblings. Elizabeth Seymour's DOB, for example, is variously listed as 1505, c.1500-1505, 1510, and 1513. The order of the children seems pretty solidly accepted, but I want to learn more about the lesser known siblings and to start I want to have at least a good idea of their birth dates/relative ages. Can anyone help?


kb said...

Unfortunately, it seems we don't really know the birth dates of the Seymour siblings. Dates of births weren't terribly important in the early modern period. They weren't considered an essential part of establishing identity. Christening dates are more likely available but even these records are spotty. Churches holding records were looted and burned in various periods. Age, natural disasters and lack of consideration for future historians all play parts in the disappearance of the archival records.

I presume are asking about the children of John Seymour and Margery Wentworth? If you have place of birth, or can surmise a place of birth you might write the local archives and parishes to check for christening records. I am alas not a Seymour family expert. Perhaps someone else will have more information to guide you.

PhD Historian said...

I too am unsure to which "Seymour siblings" Eva is referring, whether Edward and Thomas Seymour or the children of Edward Seymour. But just for fun, I was in London last week doing research in the Seymour Papers and found a previously unrecognized reference to the christening of Jane Seymour, daughter of Edward Seymour, then Viscount Beauchamp and later Duke of Somerset and Lord Protector. His daughter Jane was christened on 22 February 1541. The godparents were Thomas Cromwell, Princess Mary, and Queen Katherine Howard.

Anonymous said...

From Eva:

Thank you both very much. I appreciate your help!

I am asking about the children of John Seymour and Margery Wentworth. I will keep digging and perhaps can get in touch with someone at their local parishes.