Saturday, November 03, 2012

Question from Bron - Men's rings

Men wearing rings in Tudor portraits.

I am intrigued by Holbein's Man with a Lute and I note the young man is wearing a ring on the 'ring finger' of his right hand.

And yet I can find very little information on men's rings at this time. Does anyone have more information, please?


PhD Historian said...

There are several books available on jewelry of the Tudor era, but the definitive work is perhaps Diana Scarisbrick's "Tudor and Jacobean Jewellery". Scarisbrick has authored at least three books on rings specifically. All are available on Amazon, though "Tudor and Jacobean Jewellery" is very expensive. Perhaps a local large university might have copies of the books?

shtove said...

This image? Weird - and I'm not talking about the ring!

Another Tudor man ring:

Ladyhoby said...

Hi Bron I can not answer why men were shown wearing rings on the right hand but I have found you at least 10 more.

There could be more but it was just a quick scan and i didn't look through any of the kings

Anonymous said...

Thank you all very much! Very kind!

shtove said...