Monday, August 27, 2012

Question from Stuart - Badges, liveries and standards of Richard de la Pole

I find Richard de la Pole a most interesting character, particularly his military capability as a Captain in the armies of Louis XII & Francis I.

What intrigues me most are his sustained efforts at launching an invasion of England, particularly that which came the closest to fruition in 1514.

I wonder what standard or banner he would have used. I know that in French service it was common for nobles to use their own heraldic banners and it appears that the swallow tailed standards still being used by the English at this time were peculiar to England.

What banner could he have used had he launched the invasion of 1514?

The ideas I have come up with so far are perhaps a Lion rampant (I know his brother used this)and almost certainly with white roses featuring - in many ways it could have borne a resemblance to similar banners used by Edward IV.

Any suggestions?

The only definite sources I have found so far with regard to badges and livery are;

His guard and minstrels at Metz wore white and blue livery.

He referred to himself as the white rose or blancherosee.

Lions rampant feature on his coat of arms.



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