Monday, July 09, 2012

Question from Eva - Political confidentiality at Court

Hello all! Thank you for being a continual source of knowledge.

I am working on a historical novel and I am wondering about political confidentiality in Henry VIII's court. How much about, for example, a diplomatic visit from a neighbouring monarch would the average courtier know? The specific episode about which I am writing is Charles V's visit in 1522 which culminated in the Treaty of Windsor, whereby the war plans regarding France were laid. Would a courtier have heard that there was likelihood of war against France? Would he know when Charles V arrived that it was for this purpose? I guess the true nature of my question is how open this sort of information would be. It seems it would be kept confidential for obvious reasons, but then when the treaty was signed, did everyone find out the news at that moment? Was another reason given for such a visit?

Thank you all.

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