Sunday, January 15, 2012

Question from Troy - Sir Thomas Tresham

If Sir Thomas Tresham II is the grandson of Sir Thomas Tresham I, then who is Tresham II's father?

According to Wikipedia, Tresham I's sons were George, William & John, but many sites say Tresham II's father was also Thomas.

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Marilyn R said...

According to the DNB

Tresham, Sir Thomas (1543–1605), gentleman and recusant, was the son of John Tresham (c.1520–1546) and Eleanor (d. 1546), daughter of Anthony Catesby of Whiston. Born in September 1543, Thomas became heir at the age of three to the Northamptonshire estates of his grandfather, Sir Thomas Tresham (d. 1559).