Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Question from Jessica - Jane Grey and Edward VI's relationship

I was watching the movie Lady Jane with Helena Bonham-Carter and Carey Elwes. The movie seemed to suggest that Henry VIII's heir Edward and Lady Jane were very close, almost intimate. Is this accurate? I have not found any more information on the matter.

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Mary R said...

I really don't know how close they were or how often they saw each other; but I do know that they were both indoctrinated with the "new" (rather Calvanistic) religion, which probably formed a bond between them.

Mary I, before she became queen, sent Jane a very beautiful dress as a present and Jane, in return, sent her a letter which was basically a lecture on the sin of vanity.

Edward, judging from some of his writings/statements, would almost certainly have agreed with her.

I think that this might have had much to do with Edward being persuaded (by the Dudleys) to leave the crown to Jane.