Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Question from Maggie - Jacquetta of Luxembourg

I am a woman how happens to be a amatur historina and i like to know things so i was wondeing why there is no entry anywhere for Jacquetta of Luxembourg who happens to be the mother of Elizabeth Wooodville grandmother to Elizabeth of york


Lara said...

Hello Maggie - if you were referring to an entry on Jacquetta here on this site, she's on my (very long) to-do list. But there is a fair amount about her on the internet. She has an entry on the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography if you have access. Susan Higginbotham has an extensive blog post about her here: and I imagine that there is a bit about her in bios of Elizabeth Woodville.

Susan Higginbotham said...

I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but if you're looking for publications about Jacquetta, there are several. Jacquetta has been the subject of Philippa Gregory's novel Lady of the Rivers. Gregory also devotes a section to Jacquetta in her nonfiction book, The Women of the Cousins' War.

There's also an article about Jacquetta in the 2011 Ricardian, a publication of the Richard III Society. The article, by Lucia Diaz Pascual, is considerably more detailed than Gregory's nonfiction piece, but it may be difficult to find if you're not a member of the Richard III Society. You may be able to find a library that subscribes to the Ricardian.

Marilyn R said...

The article about her in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (ODNB) is followed by a fairly lengthy bibliography.
The ODNB article is written by Lucia Diaz Pascual.

Susan Higginbotham said...

Marilyn, thanks for pointing out the ODNB entry! It must have been added fairly recently.