Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Question from Becky - Henry VIII's 1541 progress to York


I am trying to develop some learning resources and wondered if I can beg help (please).

I am trying to find out where Henry VIII stopped overnight on his progress to York in 1541? A book reference I can get would be brilliant. I have looked on line but I am getting no where fast.

Thanks in advance


Nasim said...

One article that will be useful: Tim Thornton, ‘Henry VIII’s progress through Yorkshire in 1541 and its implications for Northern identities’, Northern History, XLVI (2009), pp. 231-44.

Marilyn R said...

Hi Becky

There is 'An Account of King Henry the Eighth's Progress in Lincolnshire'written by Joseph Hunter F.S.A. in 1848 in which he lists the places passed through and where Henry stayed. He gives little away about what happened but the dates are useful, and you can pick out the places of interest if you know Katheryn Howard's story.

I was given it some tine ago - it's only 6 pages & looks as though it has come from a collection of essays in a book, but I have no further information on its origin.

It would take me a while to send all the places, so see if you can find it yourself first. If not, I'll send the info, but it won't be for a day or two as I'm really busy. It starts with Henry leaving Westminster Palace on 1st July and 'passing through'
St. Albans
Grafton and arriving at Northampton on 21st. There is no indication of how long he stayed in these places, but during the next stage there is more detail, with dates stayed & the occasional comment. What is missing is the detail of the stay in Yorkshire from 18th August to the beginning of October, which at the time appear not to have been available to Hunter.

His sources will be in the National Archives if you have the time to look, and 'The Letters and Papers of Henry VIII' can be found online - you could trawl through them.
Hope this is useful - if so reply to this post & I'll send the rest as soon as I have a bit more time.


Gail Livingston said...

Antonia Fraser in "The Wives of Henry VIII" tells us that the progress entered Lincoln on August 9th.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much - really really helpful.

Especially Marilyn - amazing knowledge

Thanks everyone who responded